Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My second feature film « BEYOND METAL »

Hello Everybody,

As a total stranger to all of you, I’m pleased to introduce myself as a film maker and show you the most elaborate work I’ve made so far.

In video 2 hereunder, I’ll be happy to introduce to you my second feature film, BEYOND METAL, a movie that took me about seven years to complete the way I wanted to.

One of BEYOND METAL’s main characteristics is that it is a film which is entirely destined to Première on the internet.

The Première will be organized soon, and meanwhile, given I’m not a man of marketing, I’d be more than grateful if you’d be kind enough to give me your feed-back as to whether the following trailer is all right with you. Your input is valuable and will help me correct and improve the trailer to meet my three-pronged goal : 

  1. Do you understand the story from watching the trailer alone?
  2. Does the trailer look nice enough and well done?
  3. Does the trailer give you the will to know more and eventually to watch the full film?
Here's the link to BEYOND METAL trailer on youtube:

Hereunder you'll find video 2 « Introducing BEYOND METAL"

Talk to you soon!


1 comment:

Elkan Wijnberg said...

Well done Marc! Really proud of you. A good teasing trailer. Makes me want to see the movie!
Good luck and break a leg :-)
xxx Elkan